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    Hi All,

    We just celebrated our Independence Day (14th- PAK and 15th Ind), if I will go thru our history and think about the current situation of Jammu & Kashmir then many questions come in the mind….

    Let’s talk with Pakistan, Pakistan supports terrorist activity (So-called freedom fighter) and separatists movement against India. What they get from supporting them…

    1. Terrorist activity within in Pakistan
    2. Huge investment in Defence and also investment in India (freedom fighter and separatists movement)
    3. Fought wars with India
    4. Development Problems (no proper investments from world)
    5. Many other issues

    Kashmiri People: Till now what they got from Pakistan after 70 years.
    1. Terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir.
    2. They lost/losing young legs because of the misguided by Terrorists/.
    3. Development, education and Investment Problem due to terrorism
    4. They lost peace in the region
    5. Insecure life.

    Finally, few people still in hope that someday, they will get freedom from India. But, That word (someday) is causing so many problems for them. because someday could be thousands of year or I can say never.

    From Starting to Current date, Pakistani can say only one thing ” Kashmir Banega Pakistan”. in english “kashmir will be part of pakistan”

    Will be (Banega): This word is causing many problems in India, Pakistan, and Kashmir. They are giving hope from 70 years and will give for many years.

    Is any other thing Pakistan has given to Kashmiri people except WILL B:(E?




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